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Total Performance (2015)


Here’s a nice featurette about an actress with a bizarre day job. In between auditions, Cori spends her days helping people cope with difficult scenarios in their lives, like a break-up, firing a close friend and marriage confessions. When on a date with a cute guy named Tim, Cori tells him of her unusual livelihood.

I enjoyed watching Total Performance and I would love seeing it developing into a full-length feature. I could see the potential if only an hour would be added to it. On the other hand, it could be a less is more kind of case. Director Sean Meehan managed to craft a sweet story with a somewhat innovative plot in a very short time of 17 min’, which always seems quite the challenge on so many levels.

The acting is very good with Tory Brenner in the lead as Cori. She is sweet and really delivers a well-done performance, with her co-stars being very convincing.


Once again, I was introduced to this cute flick by Timothy J. Cox whom I realized later on, is one of the characters in the film playing Walter Baron (a man who has to fire his best friend, and needs a good rehearsing prior).

Thanks again, Timothy!



4 thoughts on “Total Performance (2015)

  1. Great post 🙂 This looks like an interesting short film. Do you feel that it would be Oscar worthy if it was a contender for Best Live-Action short based on your fair level of praise for it? The reason I ask this is because this does look like a worthy watch. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot, John. I’m not sure of it being Oscar worthy… I mean, it’s a nice film, fun to watch. Nothing more. It does, however, deserve to be lengthen. I’m expecting one more shorty to review. I hope it’ll be as good as the other two. Again, thank you dearly for the visit and the kind words. 🙂


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