Yay, my Summer Shitfest 2015 entry has finally arrived!! Woohoo. Many thanks to Eric for letting me blow off some steam! Hope ya’ll like my nasty review of Showgirls.

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girls2Showgirls (1995)


I can’t believe my lazy ass almost missed out on Summer Shitfest 2015!!! I’m so lucky dear and patient Eric allowed me to submit my entry this late, but here am with my shitty pick and it is no other than…


“Nice dress. – Thanks. It’s a Ver-sayce.”
This notoriously bad movie needs no introduction. The first time I ever watched Showgirls was when I was a teenager and to naïve to understand it’s actually a piece of crap covered by the blinding lights of Las Vegas. Ahh, my lord. Who was the idiot that sponsored this?

Synopsis: Naomi is a small town girl who wants to make it big as a dancer (stripper) in Las Vegas. She soon realizes it’s not that easy getting to the top as some nail drawing, pushing, and lip lickin’ need to be done first.

I sum up my…

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16 thoughts on “SHITFEST 2015 ~ SUMMER: SHOWGIRLS (1995)

    1. Thanks, Khalid!! I’m happy you liked my angry post!! I do hate this film… enough not to watch it all the way through ever again. Couldn’t stand it!! Happy to know I’m not the only one!! 😊😊 cheers!

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