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The Money Pit (1986)



Walter (Tom Hanks) and Anna (Shelley Long) are a young couple who’s desperately trying to renovate an irreparable house.

My Thoughts:


 I love this film so much, no proper review can describe it…
only pictures. 


Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Exhibit D:


Exhibit E:


Exhibit F:





Thank you, My Dear Cousin Efrat, for watching this film with me so many times and reminding me
how hilarious it is!!! 

52 thoughts on “The Money Pit (1986)

    1. Me too. I can always watch it 🙂
      I used to watch Cheers. I loved Shelley there. She’s so funny in her own cute way. Hers and Sams relationship was great. You could really feel the sexual tention there…


    2. I think i missed that one… I do remember really loving this film with her called Girl Scouts, I think… something like that. Did you ever watch it?


    1. I divide his movies into pre and post Philadelphia. Pre-Philly is Splash. Post-Philly is Captain Phillips. Philadelphia ranks on top of them all. How’s that for totally skirting your question?

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    1. Haha, great!! This movie has plenty of renovation struggle in it and every time I watch it, it cracks me up!! I love Tom Hanks too. He’s brilliant. I love this era of him.

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    1. I’ve just noticed that The Money Pit is on tv this afternoon here in the UK. I’ll be setting the DVR so I can enjoy its magic all over again!

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    1. Can’t recall the last time that happened to me even when laughing hard at a movie 😉 its my next review. Probably be up tomorrow because it is a big late now…

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  1. Reut!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! This movie is the best!!!!

    Happy Tuesday!!!


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