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Film Club: The Great Escape

I recently join the Film Club established by Kieron of what about the twinkie? when this month’s choice of film was The Great Escape, chosen by Movie Rob. Although the lengthen of this film startled me at first, and I went like: “What the f…” I said to myself, “Hey, common now, it’s a classic!” This film turned out to be a really great one to watch and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope my review shows my enthusiasm. Thanks Kieron and Movie Rob!

what about the twinkie


When I first joined Film Club a few months ago, I started to contemplate what movie I would choose for everyone to discuss when Kieron would have me pick the film. As you all know, I’ve seen a few movies in my 41 years exactly (because today 11 Jan is my birthday) of movie watching and to whittle it down to one choice movie was not an easy task in and of itself.

As a film fan, one of my main goals is to help others uncover new enjoyable movies to add to their own movie (hopefully loving) repertoire. So I decided to choose one of my own personal favorite movies that I’ve seen so many times but also probably doesn’t get as much exposure by modern moviegoers as it probably should. I hope you all enjoyed this movie as much as I always do. I, at least can say that I loved…

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