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Top 10 horror for Halloween

Halloween is just around the dark haunted corner… Perhaps, like Laura Osborn (filmnerdblog) it is time to list a Top 10 of Halloween films that made you anxious, restless and sleepless… Still need to think of mine, or maybe I’m just to scared to remember… brrrr…


October is here which means Halloween is almost upon us, and what better excuse for a horror top 10?  You can find last year’s list here.

10. Drag Me To Hell

I don’t own a copy of this one, but it seems I watch it every time it’s on TV, so I probably should just do it.  I think it’s a pretty decent modern horror film.

Sam Raimi writes and directs this 99 minute long offering about loan officer, Christine, who is cursed by an old lady whose house she orders to be repossessed.  Following the fateful meeting with the old lady, Christine suffers strange sightings and visitations, before finally seeking help from a local psychic who tries to help find a way to lift the curse.

Mrs Ganush The old lady

Although this all feels quite familiar, the fine (by horror standards) performances from Alison Lohman as Christine, and Justin Long as…

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