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Disney Drive-On with The Muppets

The Muppets go digital with Disney!


This last August Disney had launched a series of 6 episodes called Disney Drive-On with The Muppets to be exclusively viewed on their online services. This time The muppets have a new headquarters. Kermit the Frog runs the show as always, and is the president of this wild and vivacious company. I just had the privilege of watching the first episode in which Pepe the red headed King Prawn is allegedly left in charge and bosses Walter around. As every episode does, this one contains a celebrity cameo, and this time it is no other than the legendary Martin Landau who seems to be Muppet fan himself.



I never get tired of watching these absurd little puppets running around, making a mess. They are one of the best things shown on television ever since I was a child. As a huge fan of Jim Henson and his stellar animated creations I remember being glued to the TV screen every time the Muppet Show was on, and as I’m getting older, they are getting funnier. After Muppets Most Wanted latest release on DVD and Blue-Ray, this digital series should be a continuous comic delight to all comedy lovers in general and Muppets fans in particular.

Here’s episode 1 for ya’ll. Enjoy!


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