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I love going to the cinema. It’s my sanctuary, my escape. The moment I step into a movie theater my face light up with excitement and relief, especially when I’m going alone. I feel like it’s my own thing. My little treat of the week. Before the movie begins I prepare myself for a better viewing by looking for the best seat in the house. I tend to go for the corner cozy seats in the back. Totally secluded and comfortable with my bag of crunching popcorn, one hand holding and the other gently diving in. I wait for the commercials to end, but in the meantime take notes of other movies worth watching for the next time around. Sometimes I cheat and turn on my cell phone during the movie, so I can write stuff I would not remember later. I’m sure I’m not the only one doing it. Other movie bloggers are hiding in the dark and secretly sketching verbal descriptions of what they see. I try to catch angry eyes looking at me for lighting up the phone screen and clicking but nobody cares really. Chewing the popcorn quietly using slow mouthy movements is one of my skills, but I fail sometimes and pop a sound. Nobody eats anymore.

The movie begins and I zone in to viewing mode. It’s just me and the screen. For the next 90 to 120 minutes I’m not living my own life, but somebody else’s. Seeing what they see, experiencing what they experience, feeling sad for what upsets them and happy for what they love. It’s inspiring. I cry, I laugh, I fall in love, I get angry, I become aroused, I get crazy. I feel freely without judgment. I’m simply being.

The day the TV and VCR was set in my room, was one of my best. My own comfort zone. I started collecting video tapes and record like crazy. I was old enough to rent videos as well, an opportunity which I used a lot. Finally I created a tiny library of favorite films. I was so proud of it. My goal was to keep growing and nurturing it so it can become an immaculate collection of classics. Years went by, and there were DVD’s now. I changed with time and moved to burning and downloading. At the age of 30, when moving to New York, Netflix became my main source of viewing. It’s a list now.

Ever since I was little, I got sad when a movie ended. It meant back to reality. Now, my reality was fine, but mind you, as an 8 year old girl, I was hooked on fantasy films and animations, and who wishes for that to end? I was and still am a dreamer. Movies like Labyrinth, Kidd Video and Ferngully contributed a whole lot to my imagination, which kept developing in speed over the years. I had company back then. I have a lot of memories of my brother, my cousin and me sitting on the carpet in my house and watching Bird on a Wire or Die Hard or something. Just us three. It was great, and I’ll never forget that. Just thinking about it and reminiscing makes me want to cry. Until today we all share the same taste in movies and recommend each other of movies worth watching.

So, I love going to the cinema, and I love watching films at home. Either way I’m a devoted viewer. I guess it’s a good thing I started writing this blog.


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