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Death Proof (2007)- and a little treat for a friend

I’m writing this post for three reasons: 1. As you probably would’ve guessed, I love Quentin Tarantino and everything he does. 2. When I posted my Tarantino Chicks post, I didn’t do these chicks any justice by not including them. 3. I’m dedicating this post to the boob admiring, ass kicking, brilliant blogging Mr. IPC!!!!…… Continue reading Death Proof (2007)- and a little treat for a friend

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Tarantino Chicks

Quentin Tarantino is a household name in film making. With an immaculate collection of films under his wide spread wings, this man can be safely called a genius at what he does. Whether screen writing or directing, collaborating or working by himself, anything containing  the name Tarantino eventuates a cult film. The man is  sharp, witty, humorous,…… Continue reading Tarantino Chicks

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From Dusk Till Dawn

when action and horror come together, there’s only one outcome… chaos! i can always watch this film. i never get sick of it… or by it. this film especially has a fantastic turnover, you never would have imagined. for those of you who never seen it, it’s a must must MUST! a delicious dish, with…… Continue reading From Dusk Till Dawn