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Birdman (2014)

 Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu Synopsis: After his downfall from his glorious role as superhero, Birdman, Riggan (Michael Keaton) is poorly trying to sort back his acting career and family life by performing in a new self written Broadway adaptation of the Raymond Carver story. Seized by his former character’s presence, he finds he cannot change his unusual life-style so easily. First…… Continue reading Birdman (2014)

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My Top 5 American Films

How many films begin with the word “American”? According to one answer on WikiAnswers only 8, Wikipedia lists over 30 films (I got tired and stopped counting eventually), and lists 23 films which begin with the word “American”. I also considered films that begin with “The American…”. Now, as a film lover and a…… Continue reading My Top 5 American Films