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Dirty Books (2016)

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A cool short film from Fitch Fort Films production company, directed by Zachary Lapierre, here’s a tale of an eager kid who’ll stop at nothing to save his printed high school magazine from the online doom.

When David gets the bad news of his high school Gazette turning into an online blog, he’s determined to save it no matter what, seeking the best stories within the compounds of his high school walls… even if they aren’t completely real.

Dirty Books is a nice short film, fun to watch, doesn’t aim to be anything it’s not. Simple and fun. The screenplay’s very cool, and I’m always into high school movies. Our young protagonist, David – played by an unknown Noah Bailey, isn’t the most likable character I’ve stumbled across. He’s a patronizing know-it-all who doesn’t seem to give others much credit, which kind of makes it hard to appreciate his eagerness and imagination to save his paper. Perhaps Bailey did a good job? I always say that if I end up not liking a character, maybe they did a good job. I’d only gently say that perhaps Noah Bailey’s a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to acting. Something didn’t feel quite natural, but heck, I’ll give the kid a break.

The music choices were fantastic. Didn’t recognize any of the songs, all chosen by Lapierre himself, but It’s my kind of music. Noticed some alternative style going on and guitars strumming… Nice! It’s amazing how much the soundtrack enhances the quality of a film.

There’s an important discussion here on savoring the printed word from extinction which I thought was interesting and important. As a nostalgic individual always cheering for the older methods I agree with David putting up a fight. I realize everything’s going online these days, which makes me quite sad, to be honest. Unavoidable.

Nice film. Fun to watch. Unlikable protagonist. Cool story.

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  1. Great post 🙂 I have not seen this yet, but taking into account the scope of the plot, I think it probably works better as a short film than it would as a feature film, thought I could easily be proven wrong. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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