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Death Becomes Her (1992)


Director: Robert Zemeckis

I am such a nostalgic person. I can’t seem to let go of films from my childhood, and my obsession for them just keeps growing as I age. A most memorable film is this one! Death Becomes Her is one of my favorite films EVER EVER EVER, and if I wasn’t clear, than… EVER! Starring two of the greatest actresses to ever appear on the big screen, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep, this film is an absolute winner for me and will always be.

Madeline Ashton (Streep) and Helen Sharp (Hawn) are life-long friends/ rivals who wrangle on every single thing, especially men. When one steals the other one’s man, an ongoing battle begins. The subject of success and aging becomes an issue, when one of them finds out about an immortal treatment and uses it to get back at her competitive friend.


The reason I love this film so much is mostly because of its magnificent portrayal of women. There’s a constant dispute between those two, and they stop at nothing to outdo the other, and it becomes a wonderful scheming obsession… to death, as they say, but there’s a certain flare and lady like taste to this obsession. Throughout the film you get to experience Madeline and Helen (Mad and Hell for short) in their most evil prime, and they do it so wonderfully with polished nails and a red lipstick. Lovely. Those two actresses are absolute divas, and there’s never a moment when one out-shines the other, much like their characters in the film. If there is a list of amazing duo’s on cinema, they should be on the top five. Among other things, I keep following the vocal abilities of them both, as they often switch from the girly sweet talk to the mean demanding voice. Vengeance and manipulation on high heels.




On the other hand there’s the role of the weak and miserable man, Dr. Earnest Menville, who is absolutely vital as a contradiction to the strong feminine vibe of the film. Bruce Willis takes a detour here from his usual hard ball demeanor, and like a freakin’ shape-shifter turns into this nerdy but somewhat of a mad scientist male figure, used as a Chess piece between two women, mainly because of his plastic operation skills. I tend to have more appreciation for Willis’s non action roles, although I was quite the Die Hard fan when I was younger (I have an older brother). I love him in this film and I think the role of Earnest suited him very well. This character is very memorable and defiantly goes into the all male role book, in my opinion. I mean, eventually this Death Becomes Her is all about woman power, and to master a male role like that, one deserves a prize.


The gorgeous and not less of a diva, Isabella Rossellini has a small but significant role. She’s playing Lisel, the immortal treatment provider. Other than her seductive witch like attitude. Hers is the best costume. I absolutely love her minimal wardrobe. I think that the role of lisel is one of her most flattering performances in all her cinematic history as an actress.


I never get sick of this film, and even appreciate it more as the years go by.

My score:

5 lolipop rating


11 thoughts on “Death Becomes Her (1992)

  1. Death Becomes Her is so underrated and you’ve done it proud. It’s one of the best dark comedies ever and never loses sight of what makes it special: the witty screenplay and the Meryl & Goldie hamming. Not that the supporting cast isn’t brilliant.
    The first thing about this film that jumps to my mind is Goldie walking around her living room really slowly and kicking ice cream boxes around, while barely stroking one of her 100 cats. Another of my favourite bits is Meryl’s trip to the hospital where she inadvertently turns the doctor (her Out of Africa director Sydney Pollack) into a patient himself. Goldie and Meryl are a fabulous combination and nothing beats watching talented funny actors having a laugh.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! I always had a soft spot for this film as I am a BIG fan of both Hawn and Streep. I think my favorite scene is when Earnest calls Helen after pushing Madeline down the stairs, and in the background you can see her getting up all twisted and disfigured. It’s brilliant! Thanks for the read and comment 🙂


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