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Dear Robin

Robin Williams, (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)

You made me laugh, You made me cry, you filled me with magic and love every time I saw your kind smile on the screen. I cannot believe you are dead. Took your own life at the age of 63 and left us all to wonder why… I am sad. Your wonderful films followed me since childhood. I shall always remember you as creative, diverse and inspiring, cherishable qualities you have put in each and every one of your characters. What a touching mark you made on the word and in our hearts. Not many can own that privilege, but you have honored and kept gracefully.

My last film of you was The Fisher King“. A film so deranged and fascinating, wrapped up with tragedy and self redemption… how ironic. I can see it quite symbolic now that you’re gone. It was meant to be my last, as you left me standing in awe by your acting and strong presence, simply wearing the clothes of a homeless man, obsessively speaking of nights and quests. You oozed with Brilliance and talent not many posses. For that you are lucky. You were lucky.

Thank you Mr. Williams, Robin, for sharing your talent and creativity with me, with us. You are an inspiration, sir, which shall be dearly missed.

The Fisher King, 1991, Terry Gilliam


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