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U Started It, Gwen Stefani

The-Sweet-Escape-Cd-Photos-gwen-stefani-49017_500_500I heard this song playing in a fitting room background and remembered I missed listening to Gwen Stefani. Her voice takes me back to my high school years, back when I first discovered No Doubt. “U Started It” is a sweet song one of twelve tracks on Gwen’s 2006 album “The Sweet Escape”. I’m sorry to say I never heard the song before until that day in the fitting room, but I admit it made my shopping experience a whole lot chicer. This song, although talks of a misunderstood relationship between him and her, is fun to listen to. It kind of revives me walking down the street.

Gwen Stefani used to be my idol as a teenager, and I remember loudly singing in my room to No Doubt songs, ardently trying to imitate Gwen. My throat veins were popping out from extra effort, but who cares, I did it anyway. I used to come out of my room all sweaty and hoarsed but happy. Ms. Stephani continues to amaze me with her unarguably great style, as a fashion designer (L.A.M.B) and a singer. I think it’s safe to say that I like wearing lipstick because of her! She’s fun, she’s colorful, she’s diverse and reinvents herself gracefully. She’s a muse.



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