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The magnificence of Lorde

Lorde has a voice so soothing with a unique and intriguing vibe that could get you right up your seat and start singing. The New Zealand originating creator has the oddness and eccentricity of artist Kate Bush and like Kate, also started her singing career when she was very young, only 13 years old, only to develop into a beautiful vocalic butterfly. She is a mixture of styles arraying from dark wave to synth pop to electronic and could be defined as mainstream at times.


So young and so appreciated by music lovers, not to mention other great musicians such as Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. In a Rolling Stone magazine article Mr. Grohl mentions his first revelation of this talented youngster when he was driving with his two daughters, Violet and Harper. When both started singing along to a song on the radio Dave said, and to quote, “I was so happy and relieved that my two girls were singing a popular song on the radio that had some substance and depth, which I considered to be healthy for them as kids.”

She reminds me a little of Lana Del Rey, as I started humming one of Lana’s songs and realized it sounds quite similar. I could see Lorde easily doing “Summertime Sadness”. Lorde draws her inspiration from many old and new artists. Etta James and Otis Redding are only some of the big names Lorde admires. Music she grew up on.  She considers Grimes as one of her influences, and Kanye West, as she also did a cover for one his songs “Hold My Liquor” among others. Prince, the artist known as, is also one of Lorde greatest artistic influences.

I’ll leave you with a song taken from Lorde debut album Pure Heroine which I really love. Enjoy!

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