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After Midnight- Broadway musical

After Midnight musical, Brooks Atkinson Theater New York

i kind of took my time writing about this musical. well, i didn’t really have a blog then. it was an unexpected treat from a good friend. i came to the Worth & Worth hat shop where i used to work, just to say goodbye before leaving to Israel. my friend and hat designer, Orlando, just told me they have an extra ticket, and offered it to me. he designed the hats for the production. of course i wanna go! i was dressed for it too. the theater was so crowded, you can’t imagine. so many well groomed men and women came, fitting perfectly to the ambiance. we had a very good spot. the show started and i was smiling from ear to ear with anticipation. there is something about seeing a Broadway show i can’t really describe. it’s overwhelming and mesmerizing to see everything so shining and big. the set, the costumes, the lights, what a performance! 17 musicians, 25 vocalists, dancers and performers. After Midnight is all about a 1920’s New York jazz club called Cotton Club. i LOVE that era! sexy flapper dresses and cylinder hats, wonderful costume design by Isabel Toledo. this smokin’ hot production made me proudly stand on my feet in the end. i felt i was right then and there. i wish i really was. thank you, dear hat shop, for giving me this opportunity…









"After Midnight" Day Light Savings Time Reminder

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