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Har Mar Superstar concert

Har Mar Superstar The Mercury Lounge, Friday May 9th

a friend highly recommended me to go see Har Mar Superstar. sent me a link to his performance, and said i have to go, and that i’ll be happy i did. i clicked on Google to check him out and saw a short figured guy, with a funny looking hair and belly popping out, singing on stage wearing nothing but his underwear. sexyyyyyyy. with one eye brow raised, i was like, is he kidding me?? who’s this guy? then i clicked YouTube to listen to some of his songs, and boy oh boy, was i surprised. the guy knows how to sing! i walked in The Mercury Lounge listening to Tom Petty‘s “Last Dance with Mary Jane” playing in the background. followed by Jack Black‘s “I Want Love” i knew this night was off to a great start. good place. perfect vibe. dark and intimate. it made me miss Tel Aviv a bit. there were not many people when i arrived, just a bunch of girls and long haired duded looking very cool. a band called Cold Fronts did the warm up act. they were very good and played the mood right. but when Mr. Har Mar Superstar went on, all were cheering, hell yeah. song after song, i couldn’t stop dancing. he was funny, witty and didn’t give a fuck if we were having a good time! Danny De Vito who can sing, someone said behind me. so true! obviously he took off his sequin shirt (blouse) at some point and shook his body like a sexy gigolo. what a character. he was going at it, almost full Monty. did 80’s style, and some funk, jazz and blues. a versatile mother fucker. and an amazing one too! i thanked my friend for recommending this. i’m so happy i went!






Har Mar Superstar3-20121218-34



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