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I’m So Excited!

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going to the movies is my weekly treat here in New York City. the only thing that makes me feel good and relaxed. well, i think you might have guessed that by now… i went to see this one a while back, actually. i just thought it would be a good weekend suggestion. once i heard there was a new Almodóvar showing, i raced to the theater. the film began with a colorful illustration and a loud vibrant tune. i was giggling right from the beginning. i just love this guy. his films are always getting into the deepest parts of my soul. every character he chooses, so sad and funny, brave and weak. real. bittersweet stories with a Spanish flavor. the music and wild sense of humor boost it even higher, but if it’s not your style, you’ll end up having a good laugh at the least. A short brrrrrrief… Peninsula Flight 2549 from Spain to Mexico is flying around in circles due to a technical problem. everybody’s going crazy in order to find a solution. the economy passengers are all passed out asleep in the back, the business class is having a comic riot over the situation and the flight attendants are “putting out” all they have to make the flight as enjoyable as possible.


I'm so excited 11
I’m So Excited, 2013, Pedro Almodóvar


I'm so excited 9

Film still from I'm So Excited by Pedro Almodovar

I'm so excited 2

I'm so excited 5

I'm so excited 4

I'm so excited 6


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